Any employee’s earning potential is directly proportional to the skills that he brings to the workplace. Phapa provides regular training for its members. Phapa manages these training with the help of allied companies and the government.
Phapa collaborates with the skill training companies helping our members stay abreast of the industry skills. This results in a win-win partnership between Phapa and our skill development partner. Phapa members enjoy financial freedom while the partner gets a good pool of trained resources in one place.

Trainings and Courses

Depending upon the current skill set of the workers, they can fall under two categories

Unskilled labourers

Get access to basic vocational training like carpentry, masonry, electrical training

Skilled labourers

Phapa due to its partnerships with builders and contractors offers state of the art specialised training in tune with the current trends in construction. This helps the workers to constantly upskill and have a relevant skillset.