Phapa platform empowers its members inside-out; securing a job for potential job seekers giving them healthy bank balance at the same time increasing their self-esteem to live life with dignity. Through various Phapa programs, members are empowered to be qualified and skilled enough to be at par with job and skills required to earn a decent livelihood.


All the qualified and skilled members have their formal job profiles, duly completed detailed KYC and industry experience ready to be deployed on the job. Adding to these, Phapa provides several benefits that the members are entitled to upon completing a certain period of employment through the Phapa network. These benefits include our insurance, PF payments other welfare-related benefits paid by Phapa these further empower the members.

Member’s Profile

Each worker will be provided by an online profile which will have details such as skill set, experience, costing and availability for a project. Also a member can look and apply for job opportunities on the Phapa network at current or upcoming projects. Beside employment, members can use this profile to keep track of their benefit claims.


Employer’s Profile

Builder’s can update their personnel requirements on their profile along with the  remuneration offered, status and duration of the project. Once members apply for a job opening, they can select the best candidate based on his/her profile.



Steps to Join


To be convenient for members, registration can be done at various locations, well equipped Service Centers or even online. Our executives help members create their profile and they are good to go with the job search based on their needs.


Phapa’s user-friendly platform gives access to employers who can search-filter-select from a plethora of our member profiles.
Upon selecting a candidate, both the employer and the members get a notification via the app & SMS.


With our transparent platform, members are happy to associate with us as they receive updates about the status of their claims, payments and more. Once the project work is complete the member’s compensation is directly transferred into the member’s account.