Phapa Charity Program

Phapa believes in giver’s gain and to build on that Phapa charities act as a platform for bringing people together strengthening the community and thereby our members.

Phapa Contribution

Our philosophy which we share with few of our partners is based on giving back to society. Our partners can sponsor members for suitable Phapa programs. A small percentage of this sponsorship goes to the charity which in turn through the Phapa ecosystem is routed back for members.

Member Sponsorship

Phapa offers Member Sponsorship through which organizations can empower the unorganized workforce. Phapa ensures direct access to all benefits through the Phapa platform which run on advanced technology and efficient runs service centers.

Service Point Membership

All our partners can avail of valuable marketing opportunities via our service centers. We help organizations like material suppliers, builders to promote them by using the display stage at our service centers.