We serve our partners by helping them deal with their major challenge of recruitment by providing access to a skilled workforce and also cost-effective materials.

By partnering with Phapa, our partners have access to the huge population base from the unorganized sector which is almost untouched by the digital world. Partners can also indirectly reach out to members via Phapa programs as a part of the Phapa ecosystem.

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Partners at Phapa

Phapa partners with several contractors, manufacturers, and other employers against which they gain visibility via the Phapa network. The partners can sell their products or services to the Phapa network, recruit workers and procure materials at a discounted price from the Phapa ecosystem.

Essential Services

Locally sourced skilled workforce, assistance in discovering new projects, IT infrastructure, management support (GST submission and filing), and providing sales opportunities are some of the essential services offered to the partners.

Value-Added Services

We provide legal support and assistance in availing social security benefits such as ESI and PF wherever required