Trade unions, RWA’s associations, cooperatives, societies, groups, etc


Phapa platform assists organizations in recruiting members and provide valuable services to ensure its member’s employment. Partnering organizations have another advantage to associate with Phapa is its loyalty program for members. Members upon completing certain periods of employment are entitled to benefits from loyalty programs ensuring their healthy membership as well as catering to employee retention challenges.

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Corporate Organization

Phapa associates with several organizations across different industries. Phapa ensures efficient and smooth communication between the employee and the employer. Phapa also helps the employer plan and deliver comprehensive welfare programs, which in turn helps the employees’ well-being.

IT Infrastructure

Phapa’s transparent, highly advanced cloud-based technology is an asset for managing employee welfare programs.

Community Growth

By providing value-added services to each member and partnering with organizations, we strengthen the workforce community.

Management assistance

We streamline the management process by offering service centers, management apps, meeting rooms and doorstep service.

Recruitment support

Recruitment generally proves to be a tedious process, finding and selecting the right talent. Phapa with its user-friendly platform acts as an intermediator between the organization and the members. Leveraging the seamless integration of deployed technology and efficient service centers the entire process is very smooth, intuitive and time-saving.

Added Value

Charitable organizations are brought onboard to ensure deserving Phapa members can get the maximum benefits. Organizations can avail of conference room facilities with up to date technology at a nominal cost at their service.